Counseling Services - Assessment FAQ

Assessment Frequently Asked Questions

Q. When can I sign up for an assessment?
A.Students can call the Counseling Center to make an Appointment for COMPASS, Monday through Friday. The number is (530) 938-5297(530) 938-5297.

Q. Can I meet with an advisor or counselor before taking my assessment?
A. No, you must first create a Navigator account, and take the COMPASS assessment prior to making an appointment.

Q. How long is the assessment test?
A. The testing sessions for English and math take approximately two hours.

Q. How do I get a copy of my assessment scores?
A. You must pick up your assessment results in person and provide a photo ID or you can download an Assessment Report Request and mail or fax (530) 938-5531 it to Counseling Services.

Q. How do I interpret the assessment results?
A. Assessment Center staff do not interpret scores for students. Students should see a counselor or advisor to discuss the results.

Q. I am a returning student. Do I have to take the assessment test again?
A. If you were a College of the Siskiyous student and had participated in the orientation and assessment within the last two years, you can be exempted from the math assessment process. English and reading scores do not expire.

Q. I am a disabled student. Do I have to take the assessment test?
A. Yes. However, you should first go to the Disabled Student Program Services if you need accommodations. The staff will determine if you need any special testing accommodations, and they will make arrangements with the assessment staff.

Q. If I graduated from a College or University, do I still have to take the assessment test?
A. Depends on when you received your degree and from what college. Contact Counseling Services to determine if you need to take your assessments.

Q. Do you have a study guide for math and English tests?
A. Yes. The Assessment Center has a study guide or you can go to the Assessment Preparation page.