Educational Planning

You have decided to pursue a degree or certificate, but how do you get there? Having a plan of action on how to obtain the degree or certificate that you want is very important to your success. The educational plan answers three questions:

  1. WHERE you are going? (Your Goal)
  2. WHAT courses do you need to take to accomplish that goal? (GE or Major/Certificate requirements)
  3. WHEN will you take those courses?

Who Needs an Educational Plan?

Educational plans are mandated for special populations like the programs listed below, however edplans are recommended for all students who are pursuing a degree or certificate.

  • Financial Aid recipients
  • All participating athletes
  • EOPS/SSS students
  • CalWorks student

How do I get an Educational Plan

New Students will meet with a counselor during their orientation (SOAR) appointment to set up an initial edplan. It is your responsibility to make arrangements to meet with a Counselor or advisor to update an educational plan every year.You can do this by making an appointment, walk ins, or in some cases calling or emailing your counselor or advisor.

Now What?

Make sure you keep your advisor or counselor informed about changes to your educational plan.