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Welcome to Siskiyou County! (pronounced SISK-you) The county is located in the far northernmost part of California in the Shasta Cascade region on the Oregon border. Mt. Shasta (14,162 ft.) dominates the center of the county. The largest towns are found along Interstate 5 (I5) and include Dunsmuir, Mt. Shasta, Weed and Yreka (the county seat).

College of the Siskiyous campuses are located in Weed and Yreka. Because of its substantial natural beauty, outdoor recreation opportunities, and Gold Rush era history, it is an important tourist destination within the state.

Outdoor Recreation


Opportunities for outdoor recreation and sports abound: hiking, camping, running, swimming, bicycle touring and mountain biking, rock and mountain climbing, hunting, fishing, and boating. Rafting and kayaking on nearby whitewater rivers such as the Klamath and McCloud are special attractions.

In winter, there is superb downhill and cross-country skiing, as well as snowboarding and skiing on beautiful Mt. Shasta (only 30 minutes from the Weed Campus). Our Regional Information page links to several local places of interest.

Economic Development


Siskiyou County in Northern California is a prime location for business relocation, expansion, and development. If you are looking for a competitive business advantage without the stress of the urban rat race, this is the place for you. Our west coast location on Interstate 5 puts us in the center of the line of distribution for California, Oregon, and Washington.

The Siskiyou County Economic Development Council in Yreka can provide you with more information on business opportunities and incentives. Visit their website at

Siskiyou County History

View of Castle Crags area

Siskiyou County was created on March 22, 1852, and named after the Siskiyou Mountain Range. The county is the site of the central section of the Siskiyou Trail, which ran between California's Central Valley and the Pacific Northwest. In 1851, after the discovery of an important gold strike near today's Yreka thousands of prospectors flooded the area. The construction of the Central Pacific Railroad along the path of the Siskiyou Trail in the mid-1880s led to a first wave of tourism, as visitors came to "take the waters" at the county's many summer resorts, and to enjoy the hunting, fishing and other outdoor recreation activities. In the early 1940s, Siskiyou County was home to the semi-serious State of Jefferson movement, which sought to create a new state from several counties of northern California, and several counties of southern Oregon. The origin of the word siskiyou is not known. One version is that it is the Chinook jargon word for "bob-tailed horse." Another version, given in an argument before the State Senate in 1852, is that the French name Six Cailloux, meaning "six stones," because six large stones or rocks lay in the river where they crossed.

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