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If you are taking online classes in the spring 2017 semester, one or more of your classes may use Canvas, rather than Etudes, as the Learning Management System (LMS). The classes that use Canvas will be designated by a small Canvas logo Canvas logo next to the course listing on the Online Courses page. There are some links on the left side of this page to get you started. A Canvas FAQ page answers some basic questions. If you have a Canvas course, your login information can be found on the course home page for your course. After the Spring 2017 semester, all online classes at COS will be taught using Canvas. If you are having trouble logging in, contact the Student Help Desk during business hours at (530) 938-5523 or for assistace.

Etudes Login Instructions

EtudesGo to the Etudes Gateway,, and log in using your user ID and password per the instructions below. Be sure you are familiar with the System Requirements for your computer before you begin your class.

See the current list of Online Courses and click on the link for your class for more information. Check the start date for your class to be sure you are not trying to log in before your course begins. Online course rosters will be loaded into Etudes on December 15, 2016 for the Spring semester 2017. If you have taken Etudes classes before, you will be able to log into Etudes, but you will not see your course tabs until the rosters have been loaded. If you are brand new to Etudes you will not be able to log into Etudes until your account is created on the roster date, or 24 hours after you have registered (if you register after the roster start date).

Your Etudes User ID will be:

  • the first 2 letters of your first name +
  • the first 2 letters of your last name +
  • the last 5 digits of your Student ID Number

Please be sure to use lower case.

EXAMPLE:  John Smith's Etudes User ID would be josm84852 (if his Student ID number was S00084852)

Your default password will be:

  • Month and Day of birth in the school records, represented by 2¬†characters each (mmdd)
  • EXAMPLE: Birthday is April 11th, 1992
  • Password = 0411
Once you log in you will be prompted to create a new password that is strong, containing at least eight characters, with at least one upper case letter, one lower case letter, and one number.

You can also find your Etudes login ID in Navigator. Log in to Navigator. On the Home tab, it is the first link in the Etudes channel (box with Etudes logo and information). Please note that, if you are a new Etudes student, you cannot log in to Etudes until up to 24 hours after you are registered for a class that uses Etudes. For more information see the Login Problems section of the page.

If you are having trouble logging into Navigator, please see the Getting Started with Navigator page.

Etudes Assistance

Etudes also provides their own Student Help page. You will need to go here, for example, if you need to have your Etudes password reset. If your course material is viewing or behaving strangely, be sure you have checked the System Requirements for Etudes to be sure you are using a compatible browser.

Once you have logged into Etudes, you will see the Etudes Dashboard similar to this:


To change your password from here, go to Account and click Edit under "Login." If you change your password, make sure you write it down or use one you won't forget.

Login Problems

If you are seeing an error message when you try to log in, you are entering a user id or password Etudes does not recognize.
Invalid Login

If you are a new Etudes user:
  • Your account may not have been created yet. Check back the following morning if you have just registered for the course.
  • Course rosters may not have been loaded yet for an upcoming semester. This is generally done shortly before the class begins.
  • Make sure you are using the letters that match your COS registration name (William vs. Bill, for example, may cause a problem). You can confirm your Etudes login ID in Navigator. Log in to Navigator. On the Home tab, select the first link in the Etudes channel (box with Etudes logo and information).
  • Make sure you are logging in with a user ID that includes the last five digits of your COS Student ID Number (S000xxxxx). Other Etudes colleges may use a different number.
  • Contact your instructor and let him/her know that you are having problems and what steps you have taken.
  • Call the Student Help Desk for assistance, (530) 938-5523(530) 938-5523.
If you have logged into Etudes before, and are now getting an error message, you may have changed your password and are trying to log in with the old one.  To have your password reset:
  • click on the Reset Password link on the Etudes Gateway and enter your email address. This will send a new password to you immediately - check your bulk or spam folder if you don't see it in your Inbox.
  • If you cannot successfully reset your password that way, go to ' Login and other Help' from the main Etudes Gateway page. The 5th bullet under Login and Tips is Request to have your account updated.
    You can then fill out the form and ask for a password reset as well.  This email response may take up to 24 hours.
  • Contact your instructor and let him/her know that you are having problems and what steps you have taken.


If you experience any difficulties accessing your Etudes or Canvas accounts, contact the COS Student Help Desk in the Academic Success Center.
Phone: (530) 938-5523(530) 938-5523
Hours: Monday - Thursday: 9:00 am - 3:00 pm, Friday: 9:00 am - 12:00 pm